Malvern Wells series …

I have a few cards from this series of RPs from around 1912-4. Love to see more of these if anyone has them.


and this one of the Giant’s cave near the British Camp may be from the same photographer.

Spot the difference ….

The sign above the doorway has been carefully removed from the original photo. Unless you think it has been added to the top image. Even with a  magnifying glass you cannot see any touch up marks.

Some of the postcards from my collection that I put on this website a few years ago.

A few more from the same Tilley artist

John Jacob Tilley of Tilley & Son, Ledbury, Hrefordshire

What went wrong here?

Below are 2 cards from an identical source, but have been cropped differently, the top  one being the better image. Was this a simple error in the printing process?


I have overlaid the 2 cards to show the difference.

These cards are unposted with no indication of publisher.

The old and the not so old

The card below is postmarked 1908 and was published by Tilley & Son of Ledbury, one of a series of artist drawn cards based on views of Malvern but with a humorous twist. The artist was John Jacob Tilley and his initials can be seen in the bottom right hand corner. 

A few years later the outfits worn by the couple must have seemed a little dated because in the card below they have been remodelled. The donkey too has taken on a slightly wilder look.